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Solar PV Specification

To ensure our demonstration projects were successful, we knew we had to have good specifications – the only problem was that since solar PV had only recently gained popularity in BC, there weren’t any comprehensive BC specifications available that covered the broad scope we needed in a concise package.

Luckily, our technical team had previous experience with developing engineering project specifications and so we proceeded to develop our own for solar PV installation.  Once we completed the draft, we circulated it to our community solar colleagues, select local solar industry experts, BC Hydro, Fortis, New Westminster Electric Utility and Nelson Hydro for comment.  All feedback received was incorporated into the final version, which we consider to be a work in progress, subject to experience based refinement with our Solar PV Demonstration Program and comments from other experienced users (to date the specification has been updated and improved three times with feedback from our volunteer panel of solar PV subject matter experts – and is current to June 2019).  As part of our mandate to increase the uptake of successful clean, distributed energy generation in BC, we are making this comprehensive, 35 page specification available free to anyone who takes out a membership in ESVI (to help cover our basic operating costs).  So, if you’d like a reference copy, please become a member, request one and we will email you a copy.  You may also download the table of contents and document scope description from the current version by clicking on the cover page icon at right.  If you are a qualified subject matter expert, have reviewed the current version of the full specification and see room for further improvement, feel free to send suggestions to us!

STATEMENT OF LIMITATION: This Small Solar PV System Installation Specification has been prepared by the Energy Solutions for Vancouver Island (ESVI) volunteer solar demonstration program prefeasibility assessment team with input from industry sources, specifically for our solar PV demonstration program. While many of the ESVI team members are professionals either directly involved in the solar/clean energy and energy efficiency industry or related sectors, and we believe the information presented in this standard has been prepared with a similar degree of skill, care and expertise as would be provided by other qualified technical service providers, the Owner is entirely responsible for ensuring that the Installation Vendor installs a solar PV system that complies with local statutes and suits the needs of the Owner. Neither Energy Solutions for Vancouver Island, its directors, its volunteers or any of its members provides any guarantee with regard to the accuracy or appropriateness of the information contained in this complimentary Small Solar PV System Installation Specification.

Need to find qualified technical assistance for developing specifications and standards or purchase inquiry documents customized for your solar PV project? Contact us for vendor recommendations!

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