Encouraging energy efficiency and renewable energy on Vancouver Island

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By joining this organization you are contributing towards the development of new (and local) clean-tech jobs, an improved local economy a healthier planet, and more.

What are we about?

Purposes of the Society

To pursue and promote solutions for meeting Vancouver Island’s energy needs in socially and environmentally responsible ways so as to facilitate economic and social development.
To support and promote energy conservation efforts on Vancouver Island.

What you can be a part of…

  • Support the creation of local, renewable energy
  • Be involved in shaping energy policies on Vancouver Island
  • Work with like minded organizations, governments, and companies for needed changes in energy
  • Have fun with people who share your passion for these issues!
  • Learn more about the realistic solutions yourself

Do you wish to be a part of the solution?

Then please become a member!

Our membership levels and specific membership level benefits are outlined in our ESVI Membership Policy.

Simply select the appropriate icon below to submit your annual membership payment by PayPal.  You can also send us a cheque, in the amount matching your desired membership level and payable to Energy Solutions for Vancouver Island, to the mailing address listed on our contact page.  Thank you!



Level Price  
Student Free Select
Individual $20.00 now. Select
Family $30.00 now. Select
Non - profit $50.00 now. Select
Educational Institution $50.00 now. Select
Community (City, Municipality, First Nation) $100.00 now. Select
Business $200.00 now. Select

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