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While ESVI is pleased to acknowledge our corporate supporters and others working to support sustainability, this is not an endorsement. Anyone seeking products or services is encouraged to check references and request quotations from several vendors.

Mid-Vancouver-Island Solar Energy Vendors

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Renewable Energy Guides

RDN Renewable Energy Introductory Guidebook (residential systems)

Other Renewable Energy and Sustainability Organizations

100 Mile Diet:
Barkley Project Group Ltd:
BC Sustainable Energy Assocation:
City Green:
Clean Air Renewable Energy Colation:
Common Energy:
+ Lecture – Climate, Energy and Society
Green Expertise:
GSX Concerned Citizens Coalition:
Horizon Technologies:
Marine Renewables Canada (was Ocean Renewable Energy Group):
The Otesha Project:
PPM Energy, Inc.:
Reach for the Unbleached:
Sea Breeze Power Corp.:
Shore Energy Solutions:
Sierra Club of Canada, BC Chapter:
Solar Nova Scotia:
SRM Projects Ltd (renewable energy project engineering & management):
Environmental Dynamics Inc.:
Superior Renewable Energy Cooperative:
Watershed Sentinel:

Government and Crown Corporations

Association of Vancouver Island and Coastal Communities
BC Hydro:
BC Transmission Corp.:
BC Utilities Commission:
BC Legislative Assembly:
BC Government:
Capital Regional District:
Canadian Government:
Canadian Parliament:
LiveSmart BC:
Natural Resources Canada:

Other Information

World Energy Map:

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