Encouraging energy efficiency and renewable energy on Vancouver Island

Island Community Solar Co-op

Energy Solutions for Vancouver Island (ESVI) spearheaded development of a solar energy cooperative in the mid-island area that will provide large scale residential or small commercial electricity users an opportunity to install solar PV energy systems at lower long term cost of energy than electricity provided through BC Hydro, as well as offer green minded people and businesses an opportunity to invest in cooperative projects and receive a modest return on investment for helping to promote community clean energy.  How did this initiative begin?  The City of Nanaimo and ESVI co-sponsored a public event that drew about 120 interested people on a lovely, warm, spring evening in May of 2015.  A professional video of the presentations made that evening can be viewed on YouTube:

After that event two inspired participants immediately arranged to have solar systems installed on their roofs!

More importantly, a subcommittee of dedicated ESVI volunteers began to work tirelessly to build the foundation of Island Community Solar Cooperative, developing this promotional brochure.

In June of 2016, the subcommittee held a solar energy focused event, announced by this press release.  During this well attended event many people registered interest in supporting and joining Island Community Solar Cooperative.

Spurred by this enthusiasm, our team of volunteers continued developing the coop.  Finally, in 2017, Island Community Solar Cooperative was incorporated and held its first AGM.

This socially minded, for-profit spin-off project is now being developed separately from non-profit ESVI and is targeted to fully launch in 2018.

To learn how to get involved in this unique community clean energy development opportunity, please go to the Island Community Solar Cooperative website!




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