Encouraging energy efficiency and renewable energy on Vancouver Island

New clean & green energy technologies — coming to a city near you

November 23, 2009

New clean & green energy technologies–coming to a city near you!

VICTORIA, B.C.. The City of Colwood has joined forces with Horizon Technologies to showcase clean energy and Smart Grid technologies in partnership with the T’Sou-ke First Nation, environmental and energy associations, two local universities, and local high-tech businesses and experts.

The joint project will see new clean energy applications such home heating from geoexchange sources, solar hot water, electric-powered vehicles, and sale of surplus power back to the electricity grid. These will be controlled and integrated for maximum efficiency by Smart Grid digital technologies, dubbed “The Internet of Energy.”

“There are big benefits to this — homes and businesses will achieve new levels of energy efficiency and utility bills will be lower, our carbon footprint will be reduced, and we’ll have greater energy security,” said Colwood Mayor David Saunders. “Colwood is an ideal location to test and learn from Smart Grid technologies, the T’Sou-ke First Nation is already ‘the most solar community in Canada’, and the other partners will bring vital technical expertise and additional opportunities for innovation.”

Colwood plans to install solar and geoexchange (ground-source heating and cooling) technologies in new and existing buildings, and has applied to the federal Clean Energy Fund to support this work. Horizon Technologies has submitted a proposal to the same fund to deploy a “Vancouver Island Regional Smart Grid”. The collaboration unites these efforts, and the partners hope that this will make them ideal candidates for funding.

“We’ll be showing the way to smarter, cleaner energy, not just here on the Island, but across Canada,” said Ludo Bertsch, president of Horizon Technologies. “Smart Grid technologies are taking off in North America, thanks to $3.4 billion awarded by U.S. President Obama. They will play a key role at the 2009 United Nations Conference on Climate Change in Copenhagen, where a last ditch effort will be made to significantly and rapidly reduce carbon emissions. Our local partnership will help Canada lead in developing Smart Grid applications here at the same time, not reacting sometime down the road.”

“Colwood’s goal is to be an energy positive, carbon neutral, water smart, and green learning city,” said Mayor Saunders. “This project will put us at the leading edge in every one of these areas.”

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For more information, contact:
Judith Cullington, Councillor, City of Colwood
250 391-8772 (judith@cullington.ca)

Ludo Bertsch, Horizon Technologies
250 592-1488 (smartgrid@horizontec.com)

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