Encouraging energy efficiency and renewable energy on Vancouver Island

Island Society applauds Energy Plan

Energy Solutions for Vancouver Island Society

February 27, 2007

Victoria, B.C.

BC has an opportunity to be a leader in a brave new world with its new Energy Plan. The Energy Solutions for Vancouver Island Society agrees with the plan’s energy conservation methods, clean technologies and time-of use rates.

For example, time-of-use rate structures are a key measure to overcome the winter peak and enable the electrical system to service a larger customer base.

The cheapest and cleanest power is the power we don’t use. ESVI is encouraged by the conservation and energy efficiency focus of the Energy Plan. Setting a conservation target of 50% for new resources, house energy efficiency ratings and implementing building standards all move us towards lower greenhouse emissions and lower costs.

Although shy on details and needing a boost of dollars, the Innovative Clean Energy Fund can help BC meet its targets. Perhaps more importantly, it can also thrust the province to lead, and therefore benefit financially, in the ever-competitive efficiency marketplace.

ESVI is anxious to work together with government, industry and consumers to educate the customers to the new “culture of conservation”. Overcoming the unique Vancouver Island issues are a challenge, but also an opportunity for innovation.

Regional efficiency programs, strong wind and tidal power designs and smart choices in transmission facilities all help create a more stable and sustainable energy system – setting the stage for another 50 years of prosperity.

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