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Debate on the Energy Plan; BC Legislature

Debate BC Legislature; Feb 15, 2007
Mentions of “Energy Plan”

Shane Simpson (NDP):
. . .
We have been told the details will be in the budget,
in an energy plan and in a climate change plan. We will
look for the justifications in those plans that will promote
more cars — like the Minister of Transportation
talked about.
. . .
There will be a budget next week. We’ll see what’s
there. There will be a series of service plans for the
ministries. We’ll look forward to looking in every one
of those service plans to see what the strategy to meet
the climate change objectives is, service plan by service
plan. We’ll see what this energy plan looks like. We’ll
see what the climate change plan looks like. We’ll see
whether this government intends to actually open up
and talk to British Columbians. So far, not much. A
good speech, pretty good spin — not much substance.
. . .

Mary Polak (Liberals):
. . .
I’m really proud that we have a Premier who isn’t
afraid to go to that danger and say: “We’re going to
have a plan. We’re going to make a plan.”

We have a climate change plan coming out. We
have an energy plan coming out.
. . .

Hon. Richard Neufeld (Liberals):
. . .
We actually spent a lot of time — well over a year
— developing an energy plan that takes us forward
from our 2002 energy plan, a forward-looking document
that actually required 50 percent of all new incremental
power to come from clean sources. Actually,
Hydro was able to contract 100 percent from clean
sources. That’s unheard of in North America and something
that we should be proud of and that we should
actually be applauding in British Columbia instead of
picking it apart.
. . .

Gregor Robertson (NDP):
. . .
What is missing here? Despite the fact that there are
these great initiatives, despite the fact that this government
has looked carefully at what needs to be done
and in a mad scramble over the last couple of months
has thrown it all together for a throne speech and an
energy plan update…. Most of the people paying attention
on this issue know how quickly this came together.
Many of them have not been consulted on that.
That’s another matter entirely. Consultation is, again,
not a strength of this government.
. . .

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