Encouraging energy efficiency and renewable energy on Vancouver Island

Energy for the Future tradeshow

Nanaimo – April 6, 2007

Energy Show Highlights Renewable Energy, Conservation and 100mpg Vehicle

Mid Island Co-op has teamed up with Malaspina University College and Energy Solutions Vancouver Island to bring the second annual “Energy for the Future” tradeshow at Bowen Park in Nanaimo on April 14th – the National Day of Climate Change Action. The tradeshow is free to attend, and will highlight experts in the field of energy conservation, renewable energy options as well as a hot new prototype car that gets upwards of 100 miles per gallon.

Booths include a working demonstration of solar hot water heating, structural insulated panels and forms, Powersmart, air source heat pumps, micro hydro electricity, rain barrels and much more. The new three-wheeled car that will be on display is called the “Alé” (alay) and is certainly an eye-catcher with its sleek shape and vertically opening door. It has super low emissions rating with 100 miles per gallon and still does from 0 – 60 in under five seconds.

“Our keynote speaker at 1pm is Naomi Devine, director of the BC Sustainable Energy Association,” states Nicole Shaw, Community Relations for Mid Island Co-op and organizer of the trade show. “Naomi will speak on solutions to the growing energy needs of Vancouver Island and share how each of us can reduce our energy demands of the grid in both our homes and businesses.”

“With climate change now a regular news item, we expect an even larger turn out this year,” says Shaw. When asked what is the most significant thing community members can do to help slow climate change? Shaw replies, “It’s easier than you think, attend the tradeshow to find out!”

For more information, contact: Nicole Shaw, Mid Island Co-op 729-8413, nicole@midlsland.coop

Photo of Ale, compliments of Todd Pratt of Fuel Vapor Technologies in Maple Ridge.

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