Encouraging energy efficiency and renewable energy on Vancouver Island

20/20 Transportation Forum

A Vision for Sustainable Communities by 2020 was held
November 13, 2010, in Nanaimo, B.C.

Under the program used that day are links to the many excellent presentations, plus an audio link.

The program that was followed

9:00 Welcome and Opening remarks
9:15 Keynote speaker: Tania Wegwitz “Integrating sustainable transportation systems with more liveable communities”
9:40 Questions
10:00 Break
10:30 Presenters:
Train – Bill Draper –Island Transformations.org
Bus – Dennis Trudeau -RDN bus manager
Cycling – David Grey – Greater Nanaimo Cycling Coalition
Ferry – Greg Dow – Save Our Ferries
CarShare – Kurt Fischer -Nanaimo CarShare
11:10 Questions
11:30 Breakout groups – Shawna and Brendan -VIU students

12:30 Lunch – Thirsty Camel catering

1:30 Reconvene and introduction of speaker
1:35 Keynote speaker: Professor Patrick Condon “Seven Rules for Sustainable Communities. Applications for Vancouver Island”
2:00 Questions
2:20 Panel:
RDN– Lisa Bhopalsingh, Senior Planner for the RDN
VIU Student’s Union – Steve Beasley
Nanaimo City – Bill Holdom Councillor
Gabriola Island perspective – Fay Weller -Transportation Committee
3:00 Questions
3:30 VIU SU Refreshments and conversation -Shawna and Brendan
4:00 Concluding remarks

Thanks all for making this such a success!!

Sponsored by Energy Solutions for Vancouver Island (Society), VIU Students Union the Mid-Island Co-op and BC Transit

The following are available documents from the Forum:

NEW – – Audio from Forum


Tania Wegwitz – First keynote speaker

Transit Plans – Regional District of Nanaimo

RDN Plans

Nanaimo Car Share

Patrick Condon – Second keynote speaker

Group Notes – from the participants

Radio interview – CHLY radio

Nanaimo Bulletin Article

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