Encouraging energy efficiency and renewable energy on Vancouver Island

2002 Energy Plan

7. Maintain high standards of reliability and energy security
12. Strengthen structure and mandate of the BC Utilities Commission

1. Preserve low-cost generation in heritage contract
2. BC Hydro ratepayers continue to benefit from trade
3. Maintain public ownership of BC Hydro power assets
4. Contract out BC Hydro services that save costs for customers
5. BC Utilities Commission again regulates BC Hydro rates
6. BCUC review of Vancouver Island Generation Project
8. BC Hydro distribution operates as a separate business from generation
9. Distributors acquire least-cost resources with BCUC oversight
13. Private sector develops new power, with a limited role for BC Hydro
14. Large consumers can choose supplier under new rate structure
15. BC Hydro Transmission Corp. improves access to BC Hydro transmission
16. BCUC determines terms and rates for BC Hydro Transmission Corporation

Fossil Fuels
10. Policies to encourage coalbed methane development
11. New offshore oil and gas team
17. Ministry of Energy and Mines supports natural gas investment
18. Policies to improve access to oil and gas resources
19. Natural gas marketers can make direct sales to small customers
26. Final emission standards for coal-fired power plants in B.C.

BC Clean Energy
20. Voluntary goal for 50% of new electricity from clean resources
21. New rate structures to encourage conservation and energy efficiency
22. Update Energy Efficiency Act and improve efficiency in buildings
23. Remove regulatory disincentive to utility investment in energy efficiency
24. Strategies to manage air emissions
25. Streamlining of provincial regulatory processes

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