Energy Solutions for Vancouver Island


Non-profit Energy Solutions for Vancouver Island (Society) was formed in 2002 to spear-head measures that would reduce the amount of energy we waste as well as encourage clean, renewable, energy in this region.

Since then it published over 100 articles in the Nanaimo News Bulletin, offered free materials at dozens of public events, made many public presentations, hosted public events such as the 2020 Transportation Forum, and intervened in many BC Hydro applications to the B.C. Utilities Commission.

Recently ESVI spearheaded the development of Island Community Solar Cooperative.  In addition, we are currently assisting a number of enthusiastic community partners with solar PV demonstration projects to help further promote the uptake of clean, distributed community energy generation.

Our membership consists of about 60 individuals in the mid-Island area and we work with other BC organizations with similar values such as the BC Sustainable Energy Association and the BC Community Solar Group to leverage our efforts.  We are directed by a dedicated volunteer board consisting of:

Ian Gartshore – President

Bill McCracken – Treasurer

Kalie Gossen – Secretary

Scot Merriam – Solar PV Demo Program Coordinator