Energy Solutions for Vancouver Island



March 2017

ESVI’s first solar PV demonstration project was commissioned at Nanaimo Foodshare!  Read the local news coverage here and click on the icon below to see a video documenting this exciting community supported project.  For more details, go to our Solar PV Demonstration Program page.

June 2016

We held our second community solar event, this time with Elizabeth May to talk about the Global Climate talks where she spoke about the transition now underway -replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy.  Also, Michael Geldreich of Power to the People spoke about the potential for solar PV on Vancouver Island and project developments in the Victoria area.  Click here for the event press release.  A portion of the presentation can be viewed below.

July 2015

A bunch of us toured the Errington home of two Vancouver Island pioneers in solar electricity, who can live off-grid using their solar PV and battery system.





May 2015

Energy Solutions for Vancouver Island partnered with the City of Nanaimo to co-sponsor a community solar education event in May of 2015. About 120 people turned up!

Here is a shortened video recording of this event:

Following this event two homeowners had solar PV (power) placed on their roofs!

June 2014

Having developed a keen interest in the blooming solar PV sector, the ESVI membership began our education by visiting the ground breaking T’sou-ke First Nation solar PV system, where we learned from their graciously shared experience what to do and what not to do with solar PV, solar thermal and energy efficiency.  The excitement began to brew!